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Nothing Like That NEW BRAND SMELL
We can help you create your brand’s identity from scratch, placing a firm foundation so that your business can develop and prosper beyond your wildest expectations. We’ll take care of you along all the path to your desired outcomes.

Akira Digital, a web agency with a long-standing experience in strategic planning of brand positioning, can implement various analysis in order to:

  • Study your competitors;
  • Analyse your online reputation and search metrics that lead customers on your web site;
  • Review your presence on social media, in terms of quantity and effectiveness;
  • Pay attention to every element that supports your communication, from colours to logos, from fonts to images, and from slogans to tone of voice.

We are very attentive to your needs, and we always look for the best and simplest way for your brand to catch the attention of your target market.

For a successful digital marketing strategy.

Brand strategy & Positioning

Every successful strategy of online brand positioning is based on three critical elements:

  • A precise and well-structured business strategy. One that points out the extent and opportunities of your business in terms of tools and goals;
  • Profound understanding of the customer. An understanding of the customer as a brand and as a product, and a broad knowledge of the evolving nature of your market, not forgetting the important area of online demand and competition;
  • A clear idea of your brand’s identity. An understanding of your brand’s role in the specific field you operate in, which will model our strategic choices while processing your brand development.

With a smart branding strategy, your company will be capable to amaze actual customers and seduce new markets. A genuine and coherent brand identity provides the customers with confidence in your professionalism that results in sales increases, and allows to form strategic partnerships and launch new lines or divisions, while staying loyal to your corporate philosophy.

A convincing brand attracts people firmly and on an emotional level, and is able to create a deep connection among customers, vendors and investors that results in brand loyalty. Powerful brands stand out from the crowd, transcending price, features and benefits. Authentic brands are loveable. Authentic brands are irresistible.

  • As brand strategists, we work with you to develop a hands-down consensus about who you are and a hands-up readiness for where you are heading. Instinctively understanding your offerings and your audience, we analyze consumer behavior and craft bold brand messages that will engage their emotions, refine their beliefs and inspire action
  • Our creative and strategic work starts through interaction with you to effectively evaluate your identity, your history and your needs, in order to define together the strategy that better suits your specific requirements. After an in-depth analysis of your services, your target population and their behavior, we proceed to design visual, interactive and experiential communication tools suited for your core market. We will implement planning methods and establish timings of the strategy to take care of your brand and follow it through to the desired results

The look of your brand, the way it appears to people, should not pass unnoticed. It should be unique and memorable enough to grab attention, genuine enough to be trusted and smart enough to make people curious about it.

In business as in life, first impressions are critical to be successful. Your brand is not solely comprised of superficial elements such as your logo, your stationery or your website; it is also an impression, the first thing people notice and the last thing people keep in mind.

No matter which market your business is in, there is always massive widespread competition and everyone wants to prevail and stand out from the crowd.

Our goal is to create exceptional design – the kind that gets people talking – to excite consumers on an emotional level, to make it appealing beyond the point of first impressions.

We like to have a different outlook on the world. We see different patterns, different colors, lines, forms. We start from your brand’s message and express it in words and pictures that please the eye and touch the heart.

Our strategy ensures that your brand’s identity will be exceptional yet coherent and congruous across every platform including print, web, traditional media, advertising and signage. We pay special attention when deciding which virtual spaces are most appropriate for your online promotional campaign.

Akira Digital is convinced that it’s essential to show the genuine essence of your brand, because what makes your brand true is what makes your brand excellent. We create original and customized content, reflecting your brand’s values, promoting its identity and message, which will help to stimulate users emotional engagement.

To achieve a positive first impression, it’s crucial to create a carefully considered interactive strategy for your brand. Your website is not only a digital brochure, but also an essential and invaluable opportunity to connect thoroughly with your clients in a context where they are already at ease.

It’s essential to develop a dynamic online strategy to motivate your customers, giving them the incentive to pursue your brand further. Therefore, our commitment is to create involving and informative web content and design, to activate and cultivate your customers’ interest.

At Akira Digital, our web experts and designers plan smart solutions to give a creative flair to your brand’s message. We are not afraid to walk down different paths to everybody else, but at the same time we won’t push you to use elements that we consider inappropriate for your business. We love innovation, but our primary priority is to lead you to your desired results.

Having attracted the attention of your target market, we design specially for you a flexible and dynamic web strategy that involves multiple platforms to increase your brand visibility. With careful planning and consideration, we construct your website on a scalable infrastructure that can easily be developed to meet your future online needs. Our commitment at Akira Digital is to create a perfect digital connection with your customers, a unique and rewarding experience for them and an effective way to increase your business.

Though we are experts in web and digital, we never underestimate or undervalue the importance of a face-to-face interaction. Experiential marketing is your best opportunity to meet your customers and learn more about their desires whilst simultaneously letting them get to know your products or services better. In-person experiences, when properly executed, are extremely effective to develop engagement and affection to your brand.

At Akira Digital we enhance our creative strategy by planning and organizing brand activation experiences, such as trade show booths and event marketing campaigns, all situations especially created to develop dedicated sales and brand loyalty moments.

We will select for you appropriate contexts to attend or will create the right promotional events to maximize the impact of your experiential marketing campaign. Taking care of every detail, from finding the most suitable performers for a show, to locating the perfect place where to organize a promotional exhibit, Akira Digital will help you create outstanding performances that will have impact long after the show is over.


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