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The importance of analytics and insight. For your business to fully harness the power of data, the accuracy and integrity of your data is crucial. It needs to be interpreted intelligently and insightfully to determine meaningful results.

Only then can you make informed decisions and effective business actions.

  • Accurate Data: The value of accurate data cannot be understated – we don’t suggest a solution based on what data is telling us without thinking first about whether it is correct and how that data can be used;
  • Actionable Insight: The next step is extracting valuable insight from the accurate data and implementing them into business solutions. Our expert analytics and insight team consists of developers, mathematicians and business analysts. This means we bring together the three key areas for successful data capture and analysis: Business acumen for solution design, highly technical skills for complex implementations, the numerical and analytical skills required to extract actionable insight form large data sets.

The services provided by our experienced analytics and insight team have been meticulously crafted and refined over time, and are scrutinised and tested rigorously, which is reflected in the excellent quality of our work.

For new customers, any agreed action is preceded by the completion of a detailed discovery phase in order to establish an accurate set of benchmark data. This is an attitude and ethos applied across all of our digital marketing services.

For a successful digital marketing strategy.

Web Analytics Services

Our agency’s assess & improve culture means that all insight from conversion rate optimisation work is fed back into our future tests, ensuring continual refinement and better results.

As part of our discovery work, we ensure your data is robust and propose solutions to fix any problems uncovered by our team of experts. We carry out:

  • Google Analytics health checks
  • Google Analytics audits

We can help you translate your business objectives into measurable KPIs, giving valuable guidance for a custom configuration of Google Analytics. We love complex tracking challenges and have an excellent reputation for designing and implementing advanced, bespoke tracking configurations. Our work includes:

  • Measurement strategy
  • Google Analytics implementation

Learn how your users engage and interact with your website, report on cross-channel performance in a way that provides actionable insight, and ensure your site’s tracking implementation is monitored, continually refined and improved. We offer:

  • Digital insights and user journey analysis
  • Reporting dashboard setup and performance reporting
  • Google Analytics maintenance and support

If you are looking for regular advice and support for your own marketing team to employ, or require training in a specific area, the team is able to supply expert opinion and support. We provide:

  • Training – standard, advanced and bespoke sessions tailored to your needs
  • Consultancy – ad-hoc advice and support from senior team members


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