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We see working with Akira Digital as a sort of journey, with your specific digital solution its destination.

Whether that ‘destination’ is a website that outshines your competitors or a highly functional integrated mobile app that you never thought possible, we’ll get you there.

  • DISCOVER. The process of discovery is vital to understanding the problem you face. This process encompasses many facets including data analysis, strategy alignment and objectives;
  • ENGAGE. During the UX process, engagement with stakeholders and end users is crucial. We develop actionable plans to work with both to ensure the end result is the product of insight and understanding;
  • DELIVER. When a UX project is complete, it is important documentation, wireframes and recommendations are the outcome. We provide the basis for which all creative and development will be guided and taken forward.

Our methodology has been crafted, massaged & refined through our combined many years of experience (yes we’ve been around the block) executing digital projects of all shapes and sizes.

For a successful digital marketing strategy.

Our experience design consultancy

Website, app or digital business system … every project follows the same basic path.

Discovery is the start of the UX journey. It is the terminology given to the initial consultation phase that we will start each project.

This phase involves understanding your current position and speaking with you stakeholders. This is then aligned with your current strategy to provide focus and direction for the UX review.

Key to UX is understanding the needs and existing beliefs of what your content is seeking to achieve.

Prototyping starts in paper form and is a process developed between the key stakeholders and our team. The delivery are working prototypes that mimic the path of the UX process.

Sketches form the basis for our UX review but prototypes drive the interaction and prove our theories based on user centered design principles.

Information Architecture involves reviewing your assets and understanding the flow of information.

This process is undertaken by either online validation, focus groups, heat maps or car sorting. This process is extremely important given content and data is often needed to be displayed on multiple devices.

Wireframing is the output of a successful engagement with stakeholders through the Discovery, IA and prototyping phases.

Wireframing is done by our team using industry standards such as Axure. The wireframes are all outputed with full documentation and annotations. These can then be handed to either technical or creative teams to implement the UX recommendations.


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