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We believe that a combination of science and creativity is essential for effective PPC Management  For businesses looking to grow, we produce innovative campaigns across Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter in order to improve their online performance.

  • t’s about understanding your customers and getting you in front of them. But it’s also about communication. We have the words to influence your customer’s decisions. And we can get them to buy from you;
  • We analyse your data with clever custom-made tools. This means we can improve your PPC performance faster and with mathematical precision. Whether it’s tweaking a bid or testing a new ad, our optimisation work is based on fact, not guess-work.

Akira Digital’s conversion rate optimisation work looks beyond the conversion rate itself and is typically geared to effect change against a wide array of metrics that measure the performance and profitability of a website. These can include (but are not limited to) conversion rate, average order value, per visit value and per visit profit.

For a successful digital marketing strategy.

We help companies increase sales
and engage new customers

With a focus on analytics and data-driven marketing, Akira Digital helps clients expand their marketshare and increase sales opportunities using PPC advertising and integrated marketing.

Our approach to account management

Every day we optimise your PPC campaigns with tasks such as: tweaking bids, analyzing keywords, testing new adverts, monitoring quality scores, reviewing conversion data.

Every week we conduct detailed analysis of your campaign’s performance and provide you with easy-to-understand reports. We believe in total transparency and want you to see exactly how our work is benefitting your bottom line.

Each month we audit your account to analyse how it’s progressing. This identifies what’s working, what isn’t and outlines a roadmap for the coming month.

Our approach to campaign building

We want to know what makes you different. By understanding why your customers come to you, we can identify unique messaging that’ll to strike a chord with your audiences. Our campaigns start with a blank piece of paper, not a blank spreadsheet. We brainstorm slick creative ideas, until we finally hit that ‘Don Draper’ moment.

Next, we identify where your customers are, what devices they’re using and what keywords they’re searching on. We use advanced research and targeting methods to find the right person for your brand at exactly the right time.

Finally, we’ll structure your account based on our proven methodology. This takes into account keyword Match Type, Quality Score, traffic flow and your campaign objectives. This results in a logical structure that’s easy to navigate and analyse performance.


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