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Engage with your customers like never before

Email marketing has the power to communicate instantly and directly to your audience and can form a vital part in your online marketing strategy.

  • Email marketing is wholly measurable, allows you to build trust and loyalty online;
  • Fundamentally, it is timely, cost effective and ensures your business stands out.

We can help you set up an easy and accessible way for users to sign up to your newsletter through your company website. Every time an email address is gathered we can store them in our email marketing system and group them into different and selected categories most helpful for you.

For a successful digital marketing strategy.

Award winning email marketing

Email marketing can be an effective way of building an emotional connection with your audience. It works particularly well when executed as part of an integrated campaign as this builds a holistic customer experience. A personalised, segmented and targeted campaign can create an uplift in brand awareness and drive conversions.

Akira Digital have an award-winning formula that combines strategy, implementation and tracking for clients in order to achieve brand engagement.

Our solutions meet compliance and deliverability best practice guidelines, without compromising creativity. Our talented designers will bring your message to life to ensure your audience engages with your brand and that goal conversions are met.

Akira Digital can design and supply an email template for clients to use with broadcasting software. Alternatively, we can manage each bespoke campaign for you.

We believe that an email should be part of an integrated approach to communicating with your audience. Our solution would include linking with your social media platforms for example to improve recall and build loyalty. Our strategists can advise on how best you can maximise this.

The most successful campaigns are the ones that are the most targeted. Whilst planning the campaign strategy, we would work with you to segment your audience so that a relevant message can be created for each segment. It is possible to take this one stage further and test the effectiveness of a range of messages, in order to discover which engages your audience the most. With this information uncovered, you can then roll out the most engaging solution to maximise results.

Akira Digital can also split-test your campaigns according to the subject line in order to boost open rates. In addition, we can also broadcast emails on behalf of clients using their own software.

Akira Digital can provide granular reporting on the key aspects of your campaign; for example who opened your email and clicked through to your site, where they clicked and who converted. Our reports drill down to an individual and specific level which can be particularly powerful when fed into your sales pipeline and shared with your direct sales team.


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